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Does My Bum Look Too Big.

  • Me and a friend were messing around one evening and had a few drinks together. We were not working, but we decided to put on a sexy dress each and see dance and have fun. I'm a slim petite girl and look very young and I am proud of my curvy arse, it's not big but it's in good proportion and rounded. Its funny but so many guys like to put me over their knee and give me a gentle spanking before making love. I have no problem with a bit of gentle play and I'm happy to spank you too. Sometimes I am asked to call the guy daddy and this is no problem either. I sometimes burst out laughing when playing though because its always strange how people all have different fetishes and fantasies they want to act out. I have a very special fantasy but I'm not mentioning it here or you may think I am strange. I will tell you when face to face lol. 


  • I have just created my page and happy to meet with those who like my pics and would like to be entertained by a real educated beautiful lady. I speak perfect English as it's also my profession. I am an interpreter. My body is fit and seductive with feminine curves. I know a lot about Moscow, it's architecture, signposts, monuments and museums. As well as I love its nightlife, restaurant, theaters and concert halls.